Webdesign at its best

We build, maintain and desgin your website to look great. We offer consultation and a site plan before developing starts based on your briefing


Defining the goals

Before any design style gets chosen we first need to know what the requirements are for the website and what the website should and shouldn’t do aswell as decide who the target users are of the website


Planning the strategy.‚Äč

The second step is deciding what strategy is best for the website by this we mean what tools could best best used for the website and what plugins should be purchased and wich shouldn’t.


Designing the website

Now we start designing the website this will be done in figma a designing tool that lets you visualize what ever you want in a dynamic manner. So its as if the website’s already live but you just can find it in google


Conduct testing‚Äč

In this step we will be testing the chosen  design for usability and how intuitive it is for user. We have our own methods for this and based on the results changes to the design will be made.


Implementing design‚Äč

Implementing the design this is the step where we rank element from the design on probability because a lot is possible in webdevelopment but not every design can copied in to a website