SEO (search engine optimization)

We build, maintain and desgin your website to look great. We offer consultation and a site plan before developing starts based on your briefing


Website Evaluation​

The first step is to define the baseline. Where does your website stand on organic ranking at present? To identify the real ranking results, you need to proceed with the so-called crawlability phase which means checking how the website is found from the search engine. There are different SEO tools you need for understanding the accurate situation and site ranking.


Keyword research​

After the first phase, it’s time to start thinking of your keywords. We  research relevant keywords and then use those results to plan and create high-quality content.

  • Define relevant topics which are related to the business
  • By checking search volumes of keywords and analyze competitors
  • Rely on your findings and start planning the content


Creating content​

Creating quality content is the most important thing you can do to optimize your website’s appearance in organic search results. Defining the relevant keywords is the first step in creating a search engine optimized website content. By using the keywords and building your themes around them will create content that gives answers to Google searches.


Internal & External Linkbuilding​

When all the needed content is written we go on to this step. Where we create internal and external links to different webpages to motivate google to rank us higher


Creating backlinks

The last step and the hardest step is making sure other webpages want to link to your website we do this by approaching popular blogs aswell as business that specialize in backlinking